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Thread: Ernst Knobil’s Physiology of Reproduction

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    Cool Ernst Knobil’s Physiology of Reproduction

    Knobil and Neill's Physiology of Reproduction
    (Volume 1)

    Autor: Jimmy D. Neill
    Subject : Biology, Veterinary
    Pages: 3296
    Publisher: Academic Press
    Edition: 3rd. 2006
    Format: PDF
    Size: 48 MB
    ISBN: 0125154011


    The 3rd edition, the first new one in ten years, includes coverage of molecular levels of detail arising from the last decade's explosion of information at this level of organismic organization. There are 5 new Associate Editors and about 2/3 of the chapters have new authors. Chapters prepared by return authors are extensively revised. Several new chapters have been added on the topic of pregnancy, reflecting the vigorous investigation of this topic during the last decade.

    The information covered includes both human and experimental animals; basic principels are sought, and information at the organismic and molecular levels are presented.

    *The leading comprehensive work on the physiology of reproduction
    *Edited and authored by the world's leading scientists in the field
    *Is a synthesis of the molecular, cellular, and organismic levels of organization
    *Bibliogrpahics of chapters are extensive and cover all the relevant literature

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    Knobil and Neill's Physiology of Reproduction
    Updated 09/10/2012

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    Please Register to see contents.

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