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Thread: Primate Audition Ethology and Neurobiology

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    Default Primate Audition Ethology and Neurobiology

    Primate Audition: Ethology and Neurobiology
    by Asif A. A. Ghazanfar, Asif A. Ghazanfar (Editor)

    Pub. Date: August 2002
    Publisher: CRC Press
    Format: Hardcover, 336pp
    Series: Methods and New Frontiers in Neuroscience
    ISBN-13: 9780849309564
    ISBN: 0849309565

    Primate Audition: Ethology and Neurobiology is the first book to bridge the epistemological gap between primate ethologists and auditory neurobiologists. It brings together the knowledge of world experts on different aspects of primate auditory function. Leading ethologists, comparative psychologists, and neuroscientists who have developed new experimental approaches apply their methods to a variety of issues dealing with primate vocal behavior and the neurobiology of the primate auditory system.
    With the advent of new signal processing techniques and the exponential growth in our knowledge of primate behavior, the time has arrived for a neurobiological investigation of the primate auditory system based on principles derived from ethology. The synthesis of ethological and neurobiological approaches to primate vocal behavior presented in Primate Audition: Ethology and Neurobiology is likely to yield the richest understanding of the acoustic and neural bases of primate audition and possibly shed light on the evolutionaryprecursors to speech.

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