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Thread: Albatrosses (Australian Natural History Series)

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    Default Albatrosses (Australian Natural History Series)

    Australian Natural History Series

    by Terence Lindsey

    Pages: 148pp
    Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
    Edition: September 2008
    Series: Australian Natural History Series
    ISBN-13: 9780643094215
    ISBN: 0643094210


    Illustrated and accessible guide to this unique aviator
    Despite their iconic cultural status, real albatrosses are largely confined to the region referred to by early mariners as the "Roaring Forties" and the "Furious Fifties", otherwise known as the Southern Ocean.
    The single most distinctive characteristic of these birds is that they ride storms. Aside from a few close relatives among the petrels and shearwaters, they are the only animals (of any kind) that do this. They don't evade storms, or flee them, they climb aboard and ride them. The meteorology of the Southern Ocean is so extreme that the region might reasonably be viewed as essentially one enormous, endless storm. For any non-aquatic animal, this characteristic makes the Southern Ocean nearly as inhospitable as the polar wastes or the most extreme of deserts. To all but the albatross, that is.
    This work outlines the life histories of these spectacular birds, and explores some of the main strategies and tactics that have evolved to enable them to achieve mastery of one of the most hostile regions on the planet.
    More Reviews and Recommendations
    Terence Lindsey is an experienced zoologist, naturalist, ornithologist, writer, photographer and illustrator and has travelled widely throughout Australasia and written extensively on the wildlife of Australia, New Zealand and New Guinea over the past thirty years. For many years he was associated with the Department of Vertebrate Zoology at the Australian Museum, and conducted courses in ornithology at the University of Sydney. He has directed and/or scripted a number of wildlife documentaries for television, and he has written and produced an extensive range of books, articles and encyclopedia entries for leading natural history publishers around the world.


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    Default Re: Albatrosses (Australian Natural History Series)

    Australian Natural History Series

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