Artificial Insemination & Embryo Transfer of Dairy & Beef Cattle

Material is organized into 5 parts for easy and ready use, broadening the usefulness of the book, making it the most comprehensive, hands-on AI manual available. This manual prepares users for the "real world" by exposing them to the latest technology and techniques used in the reproduction and the practice of artificial insemination (AI) in livestock. Part One</I> provides information on the advantages and considerations of artificial insemination, basic livestock genetics, the anatomy and reproductive processes of the cow and bull, and semen collection methods. It relates statistics on AI usage and general information about NAAB and CSS. Part Two</I> deals with semen characteristics, including evaluation, processing, and extension; freezing and cryogenic storage; and care of the refrigerator unit. The various tests for semen quality are discussed in detail as is custom selection of semen. Part Three</I> explains insemination techniques for dairy and beef cattle, inseminator training, pregnancy determination in cattle, conception rates, and breeding problems. The exercise on "Embryo Transfer and Related Practices" explains the advances and techniques involved in the field. Part Four</I> includes an overview of sire selection, sire health, sire management, AI organization, and career opportunities. Part Five</I> explains the use and techniques for artificial insemination in dairy goats and other farm animals. For herd operators and persons involved in genetic development—of particular use to people interested in livestock improvement. For those who are anticipating careers in some phase of the AI industry.

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