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Thread: Handbook of Microalgal Culture

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    Default Handbook of Microalgal Culture

    Handbook of Microalgal Culture
    by Amos Richmond

    Publisher: --
    1st., 2003


    Handbook of Microalgal Culture
    is truly a landmark publication, drawing on some 50 years of worldwide experience in microalgal mass culture. This important book comprises comprehensive reviews of the current available information on microalgal culture, written by 40 contributing authors from around the globe.

    The book is divided into four parts, with Part I detailing biological and environmental aspects of microalgae with reference to microalgal biotechnology and Part II looking in depth at major theories and techniques of mass cultivation. Part III comprises chapters on the economic applications of microalgae, including coverage of industrial production, the use of microalgae in human and animal nutrition and in aquaculture, in nitrogen fixation, hydrogen and methane production, and in bioremediation of polluted water. Finally, Part IV looks at new frontiers and includes chapters on genetic engineering, microalgae as platforms for recombinant proteins, bioactive chemicals, heterotrophic production, microalgae as gene-delivery systems for expressing mosquitocidal toxins and the enhancement of marine productivity for climate stabilization and food security.

    Handbook of Microalgal Culture is an essential purchase for all phycologists and also those researching aquatic systems, aquaculture and plant sciences. There is also much of great use to researchers and those involved in product formulation within pharmaceutical, nutrition and food companies. Libraries in all universities and research establishments teaching and researching in chemistry, biological and pharmaceutical sciences, food sciences and nutrition, and aquaculture will need copies of this book on their shelves.
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    Default Re: Handbook of Microalgal Culture

    Handbook of Microalgal Culture

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