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Thread: Tasmanian Devil A Unique and Threatened Animal

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    Default Tasmanian Devil A Unique and Threatened Animal

    Tasmanian Devil
    A Unique and Threatened Animal

    by David Owen , David Pemberton

    Pages: 232 pages
    Publisher: --
    Edition: 1st., 2006
    Language: English
    ISBN-10: 1741143683
    ISBN-13: 978-1741143683


    Although most of the world is familiar with Taz, the Warner Brothers cartoon version of the Tasmanian devil, this animated character bears little resemblance to the true animal. The Tasmanian devil, the second largest marsupial carnivore, has been extinct on the Australian mainland for approximately 500 years, holding out only on the island of Tasmania. Owen, editor and author, and museum curator Pemberton have produced a comprehensive look at the devil for the layperson. Written in the conversational yet informative tone of the good naturalist-lecturer, the text covers all aspects of the devil, from Aboriginal dreamtime mythology to persecution by early white settlers to modern studies of the animal's natural history. Individual chapters examine evolution, ecology, relations with European settlers, devils in captivity, and the politics of Warner Brothers' copyright on the "Tasmanian devil" name. The final chapter reports on a devastating new disease that is moving through the devil population. Well illustrated with drawings and photos, and with a lengthy notes section and sizable bibliography, this will be the go-to book on Tasmanian devils for the foreseeable future. Nancy Bent

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    Default Re: Tasmanian Devil A Unique and Threatened Animal

    Tasmanian Devil
    A Unique and Threatened Animal

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