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Thread: Metabolic Diseases of Dairy Cattle

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    Default Metabolic Diseases of Dairy Cattle

    Thomas H. Herdt, DVM, MS
    Metabolic disease continues to be a substantial challenge in the dairy industry, not only
    in North America but also in all other regions in which modern dairy cattle breeds are
    managed and fed for high milk yields. Undoubtedly, some of this continuing challenge
    is related to progressive improvement in dairy cow genetics and the ever-increasing
    average milk yields of modern dairy cattle. Improvements in production capacity challenge
    us to manage and feed cows to allow them to adapt to the tremendous metabolic
    demands of high milk production. More than this, however, I believe the continued and
    perhaps even enhanced interest in metabolic diseases of dairy cattle comes from our
    expanding understanding of the diverse ramifications of the metabolic events of early
    lactation. These ramifications go well beyond those associated with traditionally
    described metabolic diseases, such as milk fever and ketosis, and include the much
    broader realm of nearly all diseases common to early lactation cows. The intertwining
    associations among various metabolic stresses and their relationships to other diseases,
    particularly infectious and inflammatory diseases of early lactation, have now
    become a central focus of the interest in metabolic diseases of dairy cattle.
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