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Thread: Dairy Comp 305 ( License 2027)

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    Default Dairy Comp 305 ( License 2027)

    DairyComp Herd Management Software is a CQM (Canadian Quality Milk) approved software program used by dairy herd managers, dairy advisors, veterinarians, and nutritionists around the world to record, store, and analyze herd activities, events, production, and productivity. Depending on information needs, herd size, and need for electronic data transfer from a parlour or robotic milking system, there are 5 different DairyComp software programs available: 3 for herd managers and 2 for herd advisors. Herd managers can choose between DairyComp SCOUT, DairyComp 305,and DairyComp 305 LS (Limited Size). Depending on their need for data entry, herd advisors can choose between DairyComp ANALYZER and DairyComp ADVISOR. No matter which DairyComp program they choose, all DairyComp users benefit from its ease-of-use and herd management analyses. DairyComp customers also discover that the increased productivity in their herd or clinic repays the initial investment. If a herd manager and their advisor are both using DairyComp, flow of herd information becomes seamless and more productive. The ability to share herd events helps herd managers implement off-farm recommendations and save time on actual vet visits.

    Price: 600 Euro for details DM
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