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Thread: [CD-ROM] Foal in Mare

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    Default [CD-ROM] Foal in Mare

    [CD-ROM] Foal in Mare
    by Ghent Universitaty

    Source: Companion CD-ROM
    Language: English, Spanish, French, Italian and German

    Insights inside the foaling mare

    In comparison with other domestic animals, parturition in the horse is a fast and almost explosive event. Mostly it takes place in an uncomplicated manner, but when difficulties arise, adequate veterinary intervention can be life saving. Most of these life saving interventions can only be learned from bitter experience, with all the consequences which this involves.
    The objective of this DVD is to provide veterinary surgeons and students, grooms and horse owners with more ‘insights inside’ the foaling mare. This was done by creating a model to visualize the entire birth process from stage I through stage III.

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