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Thread: Infection and Immunity

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    Default Infection and Immunity

    Infection and Immunity
    by D. Davies, J. Clarke, F. E. G. Cox

    Pages: 237
    Publisher: CRC Press
    Edition: January 1999
    Series: Modules in Life Sciences Series
    Language: English
    ISBN: 978-0748407880


    This concise text explores the interactions between pathogens and the immune system. Taking a disease-based approach, it explains how micro-organisms adapted to growth in human hosts can evade the immune system and cause disease.
    The opening chapter overviews the innate and adaptive immune responses to microbes. Subsequent chapters are specific to particular pathogens, beginning with their biology and leading on to illustrate mechanisms of adaptation and ensuing consequences. Each of these chapters ends with a summary, review questions and further reading lists.
    Summaries, review questions and further reading make this book suitable for self-directed study. Infection and Immunity is ideal for any undergraduates taking a course that explores the interaction between pathogens and the human immune system.

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    Default Re: Infection and Immunity

    Infection and Immunity

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