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Thread: Fish Physiology Vol 18-Muscle Development and Growth

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    Fish Physiology Vol 18-Muscle Development and Growth

    Muscle Development and Growth
    [Fish Physiology Series - Vol 18]

    by Ian Johnston

    Pages: 318
    Publisher: ELSEVIER
    Edition: 2000
    Language: English
    ISBN: 978-0123504425


    The development and growth of muscles in fish has become an increasingly important process especially with the advent of the zebrafish as a model system. This volume, in the continuing Fish Physiology series, focuses attention on muscle from the genetics of muscle development to application of muscle growth patterns to aquaculture production. Synthesizes the literature and highlights recent developments pertaining to the respiratory physiology of fishes. With coverage ranging from the structure and function of hemoglobin to the link between oxygen and carbon dioxide transport, this didactic volume will appeal to any comparative physiologist interested in how fish respire.
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    Default Re: Fish Physiology Vol 18-Muscle Development and Growth

    Fish Physiology Vol 18
    Muscle Development and Growth

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