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Thread: Bird Flu - Help With Understanding Avian Influenza

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    Bird Flu - Help With Understanding Avian Influenza

    Bird Flu - Help With Understanding Avian Influenza
    Publisher: HCI | ISBN-10: 0757304982 | edition 2005 | PDF | 72 pages | 1.51 mb

    The Bird Flu is real. It's deadly. And it's spreading. Within the next year it could threaten your home, your livelihood, your family and even your life. It may not become the pandemic many experts now fear, but do you really want to take the chance of being totally unprepared?
    This book is not hype. It's not scare tactics. It's the facts: what avian influenza is and what it can become from a physician who understands not only the bird flu, but what you realistically can and should do to protect your loved ones. Inside you'll find:
    A brief history of flu pandemics (like the 1918 flu)
    The current state of the bird flu
    Possible consequences of a flu epidemic
    How to prevent infection for you and your family
    Your personal medical and supply kit
    What to do if someone is infected
    There’s no better preparation than information. Before you make any decisions, get the facts from the doctor who knows.

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