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Thread: Avian Medicine 2nd Ed.

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    Default Avian Medicine 2nd Ed.

    Avian Medicine 2nd Edition
    Edited by Jaime Samour

    Publisher: --
    ISBN: 9780723434016
    Pages: 470 pp.
    Edition: 2007
    Language: English


    This second edition continues as a practical, comprehensive, full-colour illustrative guide to the diagnosis and management of avian disorders, combining the practicality of a hands-on manual with the wealth of information of a textbook and the highly illustrated format of an atlas. With the participation of some of the world's leading authorities in avian medicine, the book addresses issues ranging from the basic aspects of patient management to the most sophisticated diagnostic techniques, aiming to teach the general clinician how to approach all birds. A wide range of avian species are discussed in detail, including psittacines, raptors, bustards, and many more. Completely revised, the second edition contains extended and new chapter sections — with a wealth of new illustrations! — including cytology and behavioral osteodystrophy, fluoroscopy, and advanced imaging techniques. With numerous practical guidelines on the medical management of the patient or flock and many useful tips on clinical laboratory diagnosis and suggested treatments, this reference contains valuable practical advice on all aspects of veterinary care of avian species.
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