Dr Daisy Pet Vet
PC Game | English | Windows | 166MB

Dr. Daisy has just graduated from veterinary school and needs to complete 5 rotations to finish her residency. Help her diagnose and heal needy animals in this madcap dash classic. From the local veterinary clinic to a sea park all the way to a big city zoo, Daisy needs to keep her ailing friends happy and healthy. Upgrades are available at each location to showcase your style and speed-up your play. Grab your stethoscope and let's get healin'!

Keep Dr. Daisy light on her feet as she completes 50 fun, fast paced levels Heal your special friends at 5 locations including Pet Clinic, Farm, Bird Sanctuary, Sea Park, and Zoo Diagnose 30 animals with unique and humorous maladies including chickens with chicken pox, bald eagles with pattern feather loss, lactose intolerant cows, and flamingos with pink eye Tons of diagnostic devices, medical equipment, clinic contraptions, and crazy cures

URL: http://www.valusoft.com/store/valuso...uctID.80419800

Installation Notes
1. UnRAR
2. Burn the ISO with your favorite software
3. Install game
Requirements: Computer, Windows 98/2K/ME/XP/Vista