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Thread: The Welfare of Horses

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    Lightbulb The Welfare of Horses

    "The Welfare of Horses (Animal Welfare)"
    by Natalie Waran

    * Publisher: --
    * Pages: 240
    * Edition: : 2002-08-31
    * ISBN: 978-1402007663
    * Language: English


    From the reviews “I learned a great deal from reading this book. Granted, they were things I was exposed to while I was in veterinary school, but not concepts or areas of thought that I use on a daily basis as a veterinary surgeon, although I probably should. The subjects covered could be considered peripheral to clinical work, but welfare may equally be argued to be a primary tenet of our clinical care. ...The book would be of great use to veterinary surgeons, veterinary students, researchers and knowledgeable horse owners. ...This is not a lightweight book and consequently requires careful reading, but to do so will reward the reader with a much better understanding of what makes horses “tick” and how we have manipulated their behaviour and welfare largely to suit our needs.” (Jessica Kidd in The Veterinary Record, November 2002)


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    Default Re: The Welfare of Horses

    The Welfare of Horses
    Updated 12/08/2013

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