ECG Analyst Vet 2.0

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On-line Context Sensitive Help will help you all the way!) From there the Analyst takes off and over! It performs a detailed analysis that would literally take the average vet weeks to perform. It conducts a literature search weighing up the significance of all the data entered. From this it constructs differential diagnoses based not just upon all the ECG data entered but will happily combine this with Case History and Clinical findings.
Differential Diagnoses are generated for...

All data combinedECG data onlyHistorical data onlyClinical data onlyThis allows the user to follow their own instincts and see where the main contributions to the full differential are arising. Further it allows you to look for consistency across all your data (e.g. is the ECG data consistent with the historical findings?)
Additional Features...

The ECG analyst allows the user to:
I) Filtering results: This permits a User to see the differentials displaying:
Cardiac Disease onlyNone Cardiac disease onlyDrugs and artefacts that could produce the ECG changesNo Filtering appliedII) Profile Diseases: Once you have your differential you may well want to go away and confirm your suspicions. The ECG Analyst helps you do this by providing (printable) detailed profiles for all diseases on the database. On can view associated:
ECG features (Measurements, Wave morphology, Rhythm data)History that signals the diseaseClinical findings that signal the diseaseIII) Construct Database of cases: The ECG Analyst is a fully fledged database application that allows you to process, retain, recall and edit as many cases as you wish!
The ECG Analyst provides you with detailed professionally formatted reports for:
Discussion with clientsDiscussion with colleaguesFaxing / e-mailing straight from your PC to anywhere in the worldIII) Feature Look-up: New to 2.0 is this really useful tool. How often have you taken an ECG and seen such a dominant feature that you are sure it should be diagnostic in itself? Well the Feature Look-up tool will tell you just that. It lists all diseases that can potentially show a given ECG feature (measurement, wave morph. or rhythm). You'd be surprised how often you are wrong in assuming pathognomicity!

Above all, as with all M-R-Dx software it is designed for ease of use. We hope the ECG Analyst will become an indispensable tool in your Cardiological work up!