Animal Production and Health Division

FAO’s Animal Production and Health Division (AGA) strives to assist Member countries to take full advantage of the contribution the rapidly growing and transforming livestock sector can make towards achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Within the MDGs, the Division has a particular focus on MDGs 1 and 7, namely to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger and to ensure environmental sustainability. To this end, AGA endeavours to facilitate the participation of smallholder livestock farmers, particularly in developing countries, in the increasingly competitive market for livestock commodities, to safeguard animal and veterinary public health, to maintain animal genetic diversity, and to minimize the environmental impact of livestock production. AGA’s overall strategy in guiding the development of the livestock sector towards socially desirable outcomes focuses on promoting international cooperation to safeguard the three global public goods most affected by changes in the sector, namely equity, veterinary public health, and the sustainability of the environment and the natural resources used in animal productio