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Thread: The Genetics of the Dog

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    Default The Genetics of the Dog

    The Genetics of the Dog
    by Anatoly Ruvinsky and Jeff Sampson

    Pages: 572
    Publisher: --
    Edition: 1st., 2001
    Language: English
    ISBN: 978-0851995205


    This comprehensive reference book contains the latest research and information on dog genetics. Its coverage of all aspects makes it an essential tool for those working and researching in this subject area, including professional dog breeding.


    1. Phylogeny and origin of the domestic dog, R. K. Wayne and C. VilÓ
    2. Experimental studies of early canid domestication, L. N. Trut
    3. Consequences of domestication: morphologic diversity of the dog, R. K. Wayne
    4. Genetics of coat colour and hair texture, D. P. Sponenberg and M. F. Rothschild
    5. Genetics of morphological traits and inherited disorders F. W. Nicholas
    6. Biochemical genetics and blood groups, R. K. Juneja, J. A. Gerlach and A. S. Hale
    7. Molecular genetics of the dog, D. R. Sargan, J. Sampson and M. M. Binns
    8. Immunogenetics, J. L. Wagner, R. Storb and E. Marti
    9. Genetic aspects of disease in dogs, M. Brooks and D. R. Sargan
    10. Genetics of canine hip dysplasia and other orthopaedic traits, G. J. Breur, G. Lust and R. J. Todhunter
    11. Cytogenetics and physical chromosome maps, M. Breen, M. Switonski and M. Binns
    12. Linkage and radiation hybrid mapping in the canine genome, E. A. Ostrander, F. Galibert and C. S. Mellersh
    13. Genetics of behaviour, K. A. Houpt and M. B. Willis
    14. Biology of reproduction and modern reproductive technology, C. Linde-Forsberg
    15. Developmental genetics, A. Ruvinsky
    16. Pedigree analysis, genotype testing and genetic counselling, A. M. Oberbauer and J. Sampson
    17. Genetics of quantitative traits and improvement of dog breeds, T. R. Famula
    18. Canine model in medical genetics, F. Galibert, A. N. Wilton and J.-C. Chuat
    19. Dog genetic data and forensic evidence, P. Savolainen and J. Lundeberg


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    The Genetics of the Dog
    1st. Edition, 2001

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