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Thread: Natural Goat and Alpaca Care, Second Ed.

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    Default Natural Goat and Alpaca Care, Second Ed.

    Natural Goat and Alpaca Care
    by Pat Coleby

    Pages: 256
    Publisher: --
    Edition: 2nd., April 2000
    Language: English
    ISBN-13: 9780643065253
    ISBN: 0643065253


    This comprehensive and easily understood book is intended to help goat and alpaca farmers. It covers all aspects of farming, whether it be for two or two hundred animals. The book provides a good deal of technical information presented in simple terms. It should be studied at the outset of any operation, not just kept until an animal is ill. The husbandry consists of non-invasive, drug-free remedies that are as natural as possible. To this is added basic land care. The book covers:
    Land, housing and farming methods
    Acquiring stock
    Nutritional requirements
    Psychological needs of goats
    Management of kids and goatlings
    Minerals and vitamins
    Health problems
    Natural remedies
    Breeding and selection for desirable characteristics
    Goats for milk, meat and skins
    Alpacas and llamas: management, nutrition, conformation
    Fleeces, diseases and breeding.
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