Poisons: Their Effects and Detection by Alexander Wynter and Meredith Wynter Blyth Blyth

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Publisher: Charles Griffin & Company | Limited (1920) | ASIN: B000MMO4ZI | Pages: 792 | PDF | 13.77 MB
BY expansion, in some directions, condensation in others, the present edition contains more information, without nuiteruil enlargement of the bulk of the volume, than the edition which immediately preceded it. A large portion has been rewritten, effete processes and unreliable reactions have been omitted. Newly discovered poisons and injurious substances which of recent years have come into popular use, such as sulphonal and trional, have "been added. Space has been found for a condensed account of recent ideas as to the constitution of the vegetable poisons; and we have felt that no work on toxicology would be complete without womo mention of the most powerful of all modern poisons, i.e. epincphrin.
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