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Thread: ADAM Interactive Physiology-9-System Suite

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    Default ADAM Interactive Physiology-9-System Suite

    ADAM Interactive Physiology-9-System Suite

    ADAM Interactive Physiology-9-System Suite
    NRG | 639.5MB | 5% recovery

    InterActive Physiology significantly enriches the teaching environment by providing audio/visual understanding of complex topics. For use as both a presentation and teaching tool in the classroom, as well as a study tool for students, this CD-ROM covers nine body systems and features full-color animations, sound, interactive quizzes, games, and clinical scenarios that thoroughly demonstrate difficult physiology concepts and help bridge the gap between simply memorizing a concept and truly understanding it. The InterActive Physiology? 9-System Suite is an effective way to learn the hardest part of A&P.


    Muscular System
    Anatomy Review: Skeletal Muscle Tissue
    The Neuromuscular Junction
    Sliding Filament Theory
    Muscle Metabolism
    Contraction of Motor Units
    Contraction of Whole Muscle

    Nervous System I
    Anatomy Review
    Voltage Gated Ion Channels
    The Membrane Potential
    The Action Potential

    Nervous System II
    Anatomy Review
    Chemically Gated Ion Channels
    Synaptic Potentials and Cellular Integration
    Synaptic Transmission

    Cardiovascular System
    Anatomy Review: The Heart
    Intrinsic Conduction System
    Cardiac Action Potential
    Cardiac Cycle

    Cardiac Output
    Anatomy Review: Blood Vessel Structure and Function
    Measuring Blood Pressure
    Factors That Affect Blood Pressure
    Blood Pressure Regulation
    Autoregulation and Capillary Dynamics

    Respiratory System
    Anatomy Review: Respiratory Structures
    Pulmonary Ventilation
    Gas Exchange
    Gas Transport
    Control of Respiration

    Urinary System
    Anatomy Review
    Glomerular Filtration
    Early Filtrate Processing
    Late Filtrate Processing
    Fluids and Electrolytes
    Introduction to Body Fluids
    Water Homeostasis
    Electrolyte Homeostasis
    Acid/Base Homeostasis

    Endocrine System
    Endocrine System Review
    Biochemistry, Secretion, and Transport of Hormones
    The Actions of Hormones on Target Cells
    The Hypothalamic-Pituitary Axis
    Response to Stress

    Digestive System
    Anatomy Review
    Control of Digestion
    Digestion and Absorption


    * NEW! Digestive System module tutorials include Anatomy Review, Control of Digestion, Motility, Secretion, and Digestion and Absorption.
    * NEW! Pause button allows you to move through the animations at your own pace.
    * Detailed topic explanations are supported by full-action animations that take students step-by-step through the material?IP makes topics at the cellular and process levels visible and dynamic.
    * Each topic includes an overview, detailed step-by-step explanation, and quizzing.
    * Each topic begins with a ?What you need to know? list of concepts students need to understand to succeed in the topic. Concepts in the list are ?hot-linked? to additional content for students who need to review.
    * On-screen quizzes, available at all times, provide students the opportunity to check their understanding.
    * On-screen help is available at any time.
    * Page references are updated to correspond with Marieb?s Human Anatomy and Physiology, Seventh Edition and Martini?s, Fundamentals of Anatomy & Physiology, Seventh Edition.
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    thx for its- but i fear download it - 10 is incorrect
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