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Thread: Animal Experimentation: A Guide to the Issues, 2nd Edition

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    Post Animal Experimentation: A Guide to the Issues, 2nd Edition

    Animal Experimentation: A Guide to the Issues, 2nd Edition

    Animal Experimentation: A Guide to the Issues, 2nd Edition
    Publisher: Cambridge University | Pages: 128 | 2009-02-16 | ISBN 0521703484 | PDF | 1 MB

    Animal Experimentation is an important book for all those involved in the conduct, teaching, learning, regulation, support or critique of animal-based research. Whilst maintaining the clarity of style that made the first edition so popular, this second edition has been updated to include discussion of genetically modified organisms and associated welfare and ethical issues that surround the breeding programs in such research. It also discusses the origins of vivisection, advances in human and non-human welfare made possible by animal experimentation, principle moral objections to the use of research animals, alternatives to the use of animals in research, and the regulatory umbrella under which experiments are conducted in Europe, USA and Australasia. In addition, the book highlights the future responsibilities of students who will be working with animals, and offers practical advice on experimental design, literature search, consultation with colleagues, and the importance of the on-going search for alternatives.
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    Default Re: Animal Experimentation: A Guide to the Issues, 2nd Edition

    Animal Experimentation: A Guide to the Issues
    2nd. Ed., 2009.
    Updated 02/03/2013

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