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Thread: Wild Forests: Conservation Biology And Public Policy

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    Default Wild Forests: Conservation Biology And Public Policy

    Wild Forests: Conservation Biology And Public Policy
    by William Alverson, Don Waller, Walter Kuhlmann.

    Pages: 323
    Publisher: Island Press
    Edition: 1st., 1994.
    Language: English
    ISBN: 978-1559631884
    Format: PDF
    Size: ?


    Wild Forests presents a coherent review of the scientific and policy issues surrounding biological diversity in the context of contemporary public forest management. The authors examine past and current practices of forest management and provide a comprehensive overview of known and suspected threats to diversity.
    In addition to discussing general ecological principles, the authors evaluate specific approaches to forest management that have been proposed to ameliorate diversity losses. They present one such policy -- the Dominant Use Zoning Model incorporating an integrated network of "Diversity Maintenance Areas" -- and describe their attempts to persuade the U.S. Forest Service to adopt such a policy in Wisconsin.Drawing on experience in the field, in negotiations, and in court, the authors analyze the ways in which federal agencies are coping with the mandates of conservation biology and suggest reforms that could better address these important issues. Throughout, they argue that wild or unengineered conditions are those that are most likely to foster a return to the species richness that we once enjoyed.

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    Default Re: Wild Forests: Conservation Biology And Public Policy

    Can someone reload this link, please! This seems really useful. Thank you!
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