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Thread: Advances in Pharmacology Volume 31 Anesthesia and Cardiovascular Disease

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    Post Advances in Pharmacology Volume 31 Anesthesia and Cardiovascular Disease

    Advances in Pharmacology Volume 31 Anesthesia and Cardiovascular Disease

    Containing some topics about animals
    Advances in Pharmacology Volume 31 Anesthesia and Cardiovascular Disease Summary:</STRONG>

    By Zeljko J. Bosnjak

    • Publisher: Academic Pr
    • Number Of Pages: 688
    • Publication Date: 1995-04
    • ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0121188604
    • ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780121188603
    Product Description:

    Each volume of Advances in Pharmacology provides a collection of reviews on various topics. Volume 31 deals with the mechanisms of anaesthetic actions under normal conditions as well pathophysiologic states.
    The purpose of this book is to emphasize the close relationship and
    interdependence between anesthesiology and physiology, especially in
    the area of cardiovascular function. This book represents some of the
    most recent experimental observations and hypotheses with emphasis on
    the cardiovascular effects of anesthetics and the mechanisms that may be
    involved in normal and pathophysiological states.
    Many patients anesthetized for surgical procedures under general anesthesia
    have some degree of cardiovascular disease. Sadly, knowledge of
    how anesthetics and drugs used during anesthesia contribute and/or interact
    with altered physiological states that are responsible for cardiovascular
    instability is far from complete. Although there are a number of likely
    causes for perioperative cardiovascular morbidity, noteworthy among
    these are the involvement of altered physiological states, autonomic imbalance,
    altered stress responses, concurrent disease, and factors that directly
    relate to the quality or type of care provided in the perioperative setting.
    Many of the drugs commonly used during general anesthesia, including
    the inhalational anesthetics, alter cardiovascular regulation as a side effect
    of their primary purposes to produce surgical anesthesia.
    The cardiovascular depressant properties of potent volatile anesthetics
    are due not only to their direct effects on the heart and peripheral circulation
    but also to their depressant effects on reflex regulation of the cardiovascular
    system. There is a considerable body of evidence that the inhibitory
    effects of potent volatile anesthetics occur at multiple sites. These
    include central nervous system (CNS) regulatory sites, sympathetic preganglionic
    and postganglionic sites, sympathetic and parasympathetic ganglionic
    transmission sites, and the nerve endings, as well as direct end
    organ effects. Although the depression of the cardiovascular system at
    anesthetic levels required for surgical anesthesia is usually moderate and
    reversible in healthy patients, it may be much more extensive in patients
    with either chronic or acute disorders of the cardiovascular system, as
    well as associated diseases which may impair cardiovascular function.
    Many of the topics in this book deal with effects of anesthetics in the
    presence of altered physiological states including myocardial ischemia,
    diastolic dysfunction, hypertension, respiratory distress syndrome, acidosis,
    cerebral injury, and isovolemic hemodilution. It is not surprising that
    the anesthesiologist is faced with increased challenges to provide safe
    anesthesia for complex surgical procedures especially in these groups of
    patients. It is imperative, therefore, that we gain a better understanding

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