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Thread: Marine Animal Husbandry and Training

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    Default Marine Animal Husbandry and Training

    Marine Animal Husbandry and Training
    by Sea World

    Pages: 26
    Publisher: --
    Edition: 2000
    Series: 7-12 Teacher's Guide, Sea World Education Department Publication
    Language: English
    ISBN: --


    The Marine Animal Husbandry and Training Teacher’s Guide for grades 7–12 was developed at SeaWorld to help you teach your students—in an active, hands-on way—about marine animal husbandry and marine mammal training, and how these fields contribute to species and ecosystem conservation. Our goal is to integrate science, mathematics, art, and language.
    SeaWorld curriculum supports the National Science Education Standards. The brief background information in this Guide was written for you, the teacher. It will help you do these activities with your students. We suggest you also refer to some of the materials listed on page 24 for more in-depth information. SeaWorld strives to provide teachers with up-to-date information and activities that motivate students to appreciate and conserve wildlife, the oceans, and the natural world.

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    Default Re: Marine Animal Husbandry and Training

    Marine Animal Husbandry and Training

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