Covering 66% of the Peruvian territory our Amazon region comprises large aquatic environment, where lakes and rivers are home to a diverse fauna, including ornamental fish.
Ornamental fish commercialization provides jobs and income to a good number of fishermen,
gatherers and breeders from this Amazon region. Around 350 species are handled in their export facilities, contributing to the economic development of this Peruvian region.
In order to promote responsible and sustainable fishing, the Peruvian Ministry of Production regulates ornamental fish activities through specific norms for extraction, collection and export facilities operation. Because fishermen, gatherers exporters and customers require proper identification of all species, it is crucial to have a catalogue available.
Therefore, the Peruvian Amazonia Research Institute – IIAP, and the Peruvian Export Promotion Agency – PROMPEX, are presenting this second edition of «Peru’s Ornamental Fish Catalogue», to be used by the local export community and international markets as a valuable tool for identifying species and standard denomination.