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Thread: Halal Food Production by Mian N. Riaz and Muhammad M. Chaudry

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    Default Halal Food Production by Mian N. Riaz and Muhammad M. Chaudry

    CRC Press | ISBN: 1587160293 | 2003-10-28 | PDF | 400 pages 5.53MB

    Halal Food Production features:
    Compares Halal, Kosher, and Vegetarian requirements
    Provides industry standards and guidelines for the production of halal food products
    Offers a detailed assessment of production requirements, certification requirements, and packaging and labeling
    This is the first reference on Halal food production and its requirements, written for the food manufacturer and food product developer.

    Halal Food Production
    the domestic and international Halal food market
    Halal food laws and regulationsguidelines for the production of Halal food and industry standards for Halal production, including military rations and food for refugees and other distressed populations

    There is a step-by-step guide to procedures for obtaining Halal certificates for products, designed for food companies. The international trade in Halal products is discussed, including the role of the World Trade Organization, the implications of the newly-reformulated Codex guidelines for labeling, and the import and Halal certification requirements of various Muslim and non-Muslim countries.
    Individual chapters detail the production requirements for:
    meat and poultry
    fish and seafood
    cereal-based products
    candy and confectionery

    and the halal requirements for:

    food ingredients
    flavors and colors
    spices, seasonings, and condiments

    Also included are chapters on:

    ethanol as a food ingredient
    packaging of halal products
    labeling information
    sanitation and cross contamination
    biotechnology and GMO's
    and an easy-to-follow comparison of Halal, Kosher, vegetarian and other belief-based requirements


    1. Halal Food Laws and Regulations
    2. General Guidelines for Halal Food Production
    3. International and Domestic Trade in Halal Products
    4. Import Requirements for Different Countries
    5. Halal Production Requirements for Meat and Poultry
    6. Halal Production Requirements for Dairy Products
    7. Halal Production Requirements for Fish and Seafood
    8. Halal Production Requirements for Cereal and Confectionary
    9. Halal Production Requirements for Nutritional Food Supplements
    10. Gelatin in Halal Food Production
    11. Enzymes in Halal Food Production
    12. Alcohol in Halal Food Production
    13. Food Ingredients in Halal Food Production
    14. Labeling, Packaging and Coatings for Halal Food
    15. Biotechnology and GMO Ingredients in Halal Food
    16. Animal Feed and Halal Food
    17. Comparison Between Kosher, Halal and Vegetarian
    18. How to Get Halal Certified

    Codex Alimentarius
    Halal Industrial Production Standards
    Malaysian General Guidelines
    Singapore's Halal Regulations and Import Requirements
    New Jersey Halal Law
    Illinois Halal Food Law
    Minnesota Halal Food Law
    California Halal Food Law
    Michigan Halal Food Law
    Export Requirements for Various Countries
    Ritual Slaughter Guidelines
    Key Terminology from Other Languages
    E-numbered Ingredients
    Halal Status of Ingredients

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