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Thread: Halal Consumer Magazine

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    Default Halal Consumer Magazine
    Halal Consumer is IFANCA's print based magazine. The magazine is provided in Adobe Acrobat format. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the issues. Halal Consumer contains Islamic guidance, interesting articles, relevant news items, recipes and other information about halal topics. Issues Available

    2008 Issues
    Issue 15 - Winter 2008
    - Halal and Organic - Doubling Up On Health
    - Halal Certified Cosmetics and Personal Care Products - Where Purity
    Comes First
    - The Conscientious, Halal Consumer
    - Is Vinegar Halal?
    - Vanilla Flavoring
    - Global Leader In Nutritionals, Abbott Receives Halal Certification
    - Halal Certified Company News
    - Halal Happenings
    - IFANCA's Directory of Halal Certified Companies
    Issue 14 - Summer 2008
    - Halal Vs. Zabiha / Why Zabiha? / Halal Water?
    - Fats & Oils / Food IQ Test / Blessing Of The Olive Tree
    - Food Labels - Dates, Nutrition
    - Halal-Certified Company News / Halal Happenings
    - IFANCA - News, Mail Bag / Recipe
    - Important Islamic Dates In 2008-2009
    2007 Issues

    Issue 13 - Winter 2007
    - Leading the Way - Is Kontos On Your Plate?
    - In the Spotlight
    - Food and Medicine - Fresh Frozen Or Canned, Waht's Best?
    - Features - Festive Dishes From Around The Muslim World
    Issue 12 - Summer 2007
    - Leading the Way
    - In the Spotlight
    - Food and Medicine
    - Features
    Issue 11 - Spring 2007
    - Leading the Way - Al Safa Halal
    - In the Spotlight
    - Food and Medicine - To Your Health / Go Nuts With Paramount Nuts
    - Features - Eating Out / Halal Dairy Ingredients / For Muslim Food
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