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Thread: Click & Easy - Clicker training for dogs

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    Default Click & Easy - Clicker training for dogs

    Clicker training for dogs
    by Miriam Fields-Babineau

    Pages: 222
    Publisher: --
    Edition: 2006
    Language: English
    ISBN: 978-0764596438


    Dogs are social animals and wish only to remain within their social environment.
    Dogs will do what they must to conform to that environment—their social
    pack. Hence, when they are forced to work through pain or fear, or even when
    they are lured with food, they respond. The response may not be, “Hey, I’m happy
    to work for you. Any time!” Yet they still perform, more out of fear of the consequences
    than the pure desire to work.
    The theory behind clicker training has been around since the early part of the
    nineteenth century. It was introduced by several behavioral researchers who
    sought to understand the learning process. They asked, Do we learn best through
    imitation or association? Do we remember better with reinforcement or with
    Overall, the outcome of all the research was the development of operant conditioning
    (any procedure in which a behavior is made stronger or weaker by its
    consequences) as a tool to train any animal of any temperament, wild or domestic.
    Clicker training is one method that implements the principles of operant conditioning,
    using positive rewards to reinforce desired behaviors.


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    Default Re: Click & Easy - Clicker training for dogs

    Click & Easy Clicker Training for Dogs

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