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Thread: Upper AirwayObstruction in Cats:Diagnosis and Treatment

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    Default Upper AirwayObstruction in Cats:Diagnosis and Treatment

    Upper AirwayObstruction in Cats Diagnosis and

    University of Edinburgh
    Dominique J. Griffon, DVM, MS, MRCVS

    ABSTRACT: Clinical signs of upper airway obstruction provide valuable information regardingthe degree of airway compromise and the anatomic compartment involved but are not specificto any disease process. The purpose of the diagnostic workup is to determine the extent andnature of the condition. The extent of the physical examination depends on the degree of up-per airway obstruction, and complete evaluation may need to be postponed until the patient isanesthetized. However, rapid assessment of respiratory impairment is crucial because it al-lows appropriate triage of patients. In cats with mild upper airway obstruction, radiographs ofthe thoracic and cervical areas may be obtained with the patient either awake or under seda-tion. A complete oral and laryngeal examination should be performed with the patient underanesthesia. Additional tests may also be indicated. Manipulation of the upper airway in a com-promised patient is likely to exacerbate signs; therefore, diagnostic tests and correctivesurgery should be scheduled under the same anesthetic episode. This article describes thecorrective surgical techniques for obstructive airway diseases. Although these techniques maybe technically demanding, they do not require specialized equipment and, depending on thenature of the disease, often provide good results.

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