"Although this book is very much `one man's view of the field,' it is not a myopic account, and both students and researchers will find it a valuable resource. The range of topics covered is broad, and the extensive (62-page) list of references contains citations through 1991." Vincent E. Dionne, Science

Product Description

In this book, the author presents a critical analysis of what is known about the olfactory sensory cells in both the nasal cavity and the vomeronasal organ: their structure, their connections in the main and accessory olfactory bulb, receptor biology, transduction mechanisms, cell replacement, developmental biology and plasticity. Also discussed are the trigeminal and terminal nerves in the nasal cavity. The book concludes with a section highlighting some of the gaps in our knowledge of olfaction and stresses the need for continued research. Although the emphasis is on mammalian olfaction, basic issues that have been addressed by research on other vertebrates and invertebrates are also discussed.

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* Hardcover: 296 pages
* Publisher: Cambridge University Press (October 30, 1992)
* Language: English
* ISBN-10: 0521364388
* ISBN-13: 978-0521364386