SafeDog description

It is an application that helps you organize information regarding your dog's health

SafeDog is a great tool for you to store daily information about your Dog.

SafeDog is distributed with fictitious information to show how, and where
information is stored. The fictitious information canít be edited until a
Registration Code is purchased. However you can print the records at any time.

Now you'll be able to give a printed copy of critical information about your dog to people who are responsible for him when you're not present.

It's very important to give your groomer or boarder pertinent information such as: vet's name, number, address, vaccination dates, and medical information about chronic and acute medical conditions.

SafeDog also has training charts, puppy litter database and much more.

You will also be able to print signs with information for emergency personnel to locate your dog in the event of a natural disaster. Doesn't your best friend deserve that?

Here are some key features of "SafeDog":

∑ Owner contact information.
∑ Vet's contact information.
∑ Pedigree Generator.
∑ Vaccination and exam chart.
∑ Store vets medical reports and x-rays.
∑ Prints emergency signs.
∑ Temporary and Chronic Medical information.
∑ Grooming information.
∑ Puppy information.
∑ Training progress chart.
∑ "One Click" photo import.
∑ Photo ID.
∑ Puppy litter information.
∑ Identification information.
∑ Dog show chart.
∑ Built-in help.
∑ Expense notes and calculators.
∑ An unlimited amount of medical comments and
∑ conditions can be a entered.
∑ Unlimited Veterinary visits can be entered.Store specific information about the Dog.
∑ Store information about the owner.
∑ Store information about the vet.
∑ Store identification and identifying marks.
∑ Store electronic chip info.
∑ Emergency Vet numbers.
∑ Print emergency signs so emergency personnel can
∑ find your pets by thier name.
∑ Track Medical history.
∑ Track Medical conditions in treatment.
∑ Note Special Diet and Allergies.
∑ Store photos/X-rays, important documents.
∑ Purchase price and date.
∑ Sold price and date.
∑ 6 generation family tree.
∑ Setup a custom training program.
∑ Track the progress of the Puppy and any required
∑ equipment.
∑ Store grooming information.
∑ Store behavioral issues.
∑ Store personality traits.
∑ Store training/tricks.
∑ Dogs preferences and favorite food.
∑ Store Dog show information.
∑ Dog handler information.
∑ Miscellaneous notes.
∑ Breeder notes.
∑ Export Dog info to iPod.
∑ Optionally backup entries when quitting.
∑ Easy backup and restore of entries.
∑ Exchange information with other SafeDog users.
∑ Print information specifically designed for a Caregiver.
∑ Store your personal feelings about your Dog after itís
∑ deceased.
∑ Track the cost of each Dog. Enter itemized purchases.
∑ Quickly find each Dog with a click of a button.
∑ Built-in Spell Checker.
∑ .pdf User Guide.

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