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Thread: Encyclopedia of Life Science (Facts on File Science Library)

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    Thumbs up Encyclopedia of Life Science (Facts on File Science Library)

    Encyclopedia of Life Science (Facts on File Science Library)
    By Katherine, Ph.D. Cullen

    •Publisher: Facts on File
    •Pages: 640
    •Edition: 1st., 2009
    •ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0816070083
    •ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780816070084


    Current reference works covering broad areas such as life science continue as valuable additions to reference collections. Written by a subject expert at a level accessible to students as well as the general reader, the Encyclopedia of Life Science complements the basic concepts and principles taught in high-school and introductory college biology courses. Approximately 200 alphabetically arranged entries, generally several pages in length, cover a broad range of life science topics. As an additional aid to students, references for further reading are found at the end of most articles. Sample entries include Animal behavior, Biotechnology, Cloning of organisms, DNA sequencing, Eukaryotic cells, Nervous system, Plant diversity, and Vaccines. Lengthy biographies of notables such as Rita Levi-Montalcini, Gregor Mendel, and Robert Whittaker provide insight into the process of scientific inquiry. Twelve feature essays on topics such as the childhood obesity epidemic, colony collapse disorder in honeybees, and stem cells lend additional expert coverage of selected popular subjects. More than 300 color line illustrations and photographs supplement the text. The excellent color line drawings, depicting topics such as animal viruses entering a host cell and photosynthesis, should greatly help clarify concepts. A useful feature for educators is the breakdown of entries categorized by National Science Education Standards for Content for grades 9 through 12. Appendixes include a chronology of important discoveries; a 25-page glossary of life science terms; a 5-page listing of recommended books, Internet resources, and periodicals; the periodic table, and metric conversion tables. A well-constructed 28-page index affords subject access to the contents. Distinguished by authoritative, accessible content and excellent color graphics, the Encyclopedia of Life Science is highly recommended for high-school, undergraduate college, and public libraries.
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    Default Re: Encyclopedia of Life Science (Facts on File Science Library)

    Encyclopedia of Life Science (Facts on File Science Library)

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