Control and Analysis For Food and Agricultural Products

  • Publisher: Daya Publishing House, 2010
  • Author: Kavita Ed Marwaha
  • ISBN: 8189729934
  • EAN: 9788189729936
  • Pages: 281
Preface v
l. Principles of Food Analysis 1
2. Quality Control in Food Industry 17
3. Food Sampling and Data Analysis 51
4. Food Protein Analysis 69
5. Analysis of Lipid Concentration in Food 89
6. Determination of Ash and Minerals 115
7. Analysis of Moisture and Total Solids in
Food Products 133
8. Instrumental Techniques for Food Analysis 151
9. Evaluation of Milk Quality 189
10. Quality Management in Fish Processing 215
11. Microbial Safety in Food Preservation 233
12. Food Safety Risk Analysis 243
Bibliography 269
Index 271

Agriculture contemporarily involves the use of the latest scientific principles and methodology, constantly improvising upon itself to meet the ever-growing demand for food and fuel. In such a scenario, analysis and control methods for farm practices and production has been a considerable increase in utilisation, particularly through the emergence of such sciences and precision agriculture, which involves the use of
state-of-the-art technology in field practice agricultural needs as per spatial variability of the farm. As such, analysis and control methods for farm management entails the next level for agriculture, heightening its technological revolution.
This book has been designed keeping in mind the need of a text which acquaint readers with the emergence of analysis and control procedures in agricultural practice. The book
highlights the principles and techniques which define this science, bringing within purview the changes, advantages and challenges offered by it. A comprehensive discussion of
sampling methods, measurement devices, sensors, computer analysis, data interpretation standardisation, etc., has been brought under cover, along with a review of their efficacy in agriculture. Upto-date with the latest in the field, the text manages to incorporate a pertinent account of what analysis and control methods in agriculture offers for the present as well as the future.

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