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Thread: Bioactive Marine Natural Products

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    Cool Bioactive Marine Natural Products

    Bioactive Marine Natural Products
    by D.S. Bhakuni D.S. Rawat

    Pages: 400
    Publisher: --
    Edition: 1st., 2007
    Language: English
    ISBN: 978-1256345623


    The chemistry of marine natural products has grown enormously in the last fifty years. On land, communication between insects is largely by pheromones. Because these must be volatile, their chemical structures are often simple and many are easy to synthesize. In contrast, in an aqueous environment communication between living organisms depends on solubility in water. As a consequence, the chemical compounds used in the communication can have complex structures and large molecular weights as long as there is adequate solubility in water. Since all forms of life are subject to perpetual competition, it is not surprising
    that the organisms that live in the sea produce an enormous range of biological activity. Besides the compounds that repel predators by their toxicity, there are those which are attractive to make reproduction more probable. In addition, there is a complex food chain from the simplest organisms to the most complicated. What is edible and what is not is also determined by the secondary metabolites of the life process. Given all these factors it is not surprising that marine organisms are a wonderful
    source of biologically active natural products

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    Default Re: Bioactive Marine Natural Products

    Bioactive Marine Natural Products
    1st. Edition, 2007

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