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Thread: [CD] Wildpro: West Nile Virus

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    Default [CD] Wildpro: West Nile Virus

    West Nile Virus

    This volume is designed to provide information on West Nile Virus and West Nile Virus Disease in the light of the recent appearance of this disease in North America.

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    ISBN: 0-9547185-3-4

    Editorial Overview:
    Robert G McLean

    Associate Editors:
    Debra C Bourne MA VetMB PhD MRCVS (WIN)
    F Joshua Dein VMD (NWHC)
    Suzanne I Boardman BVMS MRCVS (WIN)

    Wildlife Information Network developed this Wildpro volume for veterinary and human health professionals, wildlife managers and others tackling this virus which afflicts humans as well as wild and domestic animals.

    The volume runs from a central flowchart divided into sections. The description of West Nile Virus (WNV) disease includes incubation, time course, persistence and long term effects, morbidity, mortality, life stages affected and susceptibility. Clinical signs and pathology are covered, along with diagnosis, treatment, vaccination and environmental and population level control measures.

    The section on the virus itself includes its structure and diversity, detection and identification techniques, host species and vectors, and degree of exposure to humans and other species. Its life cycle and transmission are explained, along with means of inactivating it. Maps show how it has spread across the USA.

    A section on mosquitoes describes many species which are known to be vectors of WNV, what types of habitat they breed in and which mosquitoes in North America are associated with those habitats. Data given on insecticides and the repellent, DEET, includes alternative names, chemical formulae and formulations, uses and effects on the environment and nontarget species.

    The disease management section covers education and communication, the clinical approach to individual human or animal cases and assessing whether WNV is a threat in a particular location and what response is appropriate. Surveillance of mosquitoes, animals and humans is considered, as well as disease prevention and control measures including habitat management, chemical and biological control, personal protection and vaccination.

    A directory lists sources of WNV information in North America. An electronic library of full-text documents is included, as are video clips to demonstrate bird necropsy and blood sampling.
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    Default Re: [CD] Wildpro: West Nile Virus

    Wildpro West Nile Virus CD-ROM
    .nrg, disc image file, 552 MB.
    Alternative Links:
    DF - RS - WU - MU - 2S - FS - Fs - FF

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