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Thread: The Merck Veterinary Manual Tenth Edition

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    Default The Merck Veterinary Manual Tenth Edition

    091191093X.jpgMerck Veterinary Manual (10th Edition) September 2010

    Dont know if it is available, but it appears that there is an Evaluation Copy
    "Instructors may request an evaluation copy for this title."

    Dont know if any of you can get it, i imagine they only give it to revisors of the text or something like that.

    "Now Featuring Hundreds of Full-Color Images
    When it comes to animal health, the answers aren't always black and white.

    That's why the new Merck Veterinary Manual (10th Edition) – the most comprehensive, reliable reference for veterinary professionals - - now features hundreds of full-color images, including illustrations, photomicrographs, and radiographic, ultrasonographic and endoscopic images. In addition, all 3,000-plus pages have been updated to reflect the latest advances in veterinary medicine. This new edition offers comprehensive coverage of all common domestic animals, expanded coverage of exotic and laboratory animals, and an extensively revised zoonoses reference table. Offering a colorful new look at animal health, this edition is truly indispensable."

    PS: Cant find the links for the trial PDA format files that were there for the 9th edition.
    Can anyone direct me ?
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    Default Re: The Merck Veterinary Manual Tenth Edition

    I'm also looking for this book.

    Some additional information:

    Author: E. Merck
    Editors: C. Kahn and S. Line
    Pages: 2945
    Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
    Edition: 10
    Pub Date: October 19, 2010
    ISBN-13: 9780911910933
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