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Thread: The Insects -An Outline of Entomology

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    The Insects - An Outline of Entomology
    by P. J. Gullan and Peter Cranston

    Pages: 529
    Publisher: Blackwell Publishing Ltd |
    Edition: 2005
    Language: English
    ISBN: 1405111135
    Format: PDF
    Size: 26,3 mb


    Since writing the earlier editions of this textbook, we have relocated from Canberra, Australia, to Davis, California, where we teach many aspects of entomology to a new cohort of undergraduate and graduate students. We have come to appreciate some differences which may be evident in this edition. We have retained the regional balance of case studies for an international audience. With globalization has come unwanted, perhaps unforeseen, consequences, including the potential worldwide dissemination of pest insects and plants. A modern entomologist must be aware of the global status of pest control efforts. These range from insect pests of specific origin, such as many vectors of disease of humans, animals, and plants, to noxious plants, for which insect natural enemies need to be sought. The quarantine entomologist must know, or have access to, global databases of pests of commerce. Successful strategies in insect conservation, an issue we cover for the first time in this edition, are found worldwide, although often they are biased towards Lepidoptera. Furthermore, all conservationists need to recognize the threats to natural ecosystems posed by introduced insects such as crazy, big-headed, and fire ants. Likewise, systematists studying the evolutionary relationships of insects cannot restrict their studies to a regional subset, but also need a global view.

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    The Insects - An Outline of Entomology
    3rd. Ed., 2005.
    Updated 17/06/2013

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