In buffalo rearing countries , improving the reproductive efficiency in
buffaloes is an important goal so from the field opservation that dystocia affected buffaloes receiving oxytocin and PGF2 alpha in the day of parturtion as a prvention of metritis and to accelerates the uterine involution rapidly return to cyclicity ( with me some non-metritis buffaloes return to heat in the 12th day post-partum )

and this treatment maybe a routine treatment in herds experinced with anoestrum if other causes excluded.

Role of oxytocin and/or PGF2 alpha on breeding efficiency in buffaloes

Y. R . M . EL-Baghdady, EL-S. M . Fattouh, K. I. EEl-Ekhnawy,
M. M. Ayoup and L . H . Bedeir

Br. Vet. J. (1990) . 146, 577-581

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