Animal Health and Welfare booklets
Meat Promotion Wales - UK

1-Beef Producers’ Handbook “From Gate to Plate”
2-Controlling Parasites in Cattle New Guidelines
3-Effective control of ectoparasites in sheep
4-Finishing Cull Dairy Cows for Beef Production Report
5-Getting Ready for Tupping
6-Grassland Management
7-Keeping Lambs Alive
8-Lambing Management
9-Making the Most of Cull Cows
10-Making the Most of your Finishing Beef Cattle
11-Making the Most of your Suckler Cows (2008)
12-Making the Most of your Suckler Cows (2010)
13-Mixed grazing - the benefits
14-Practical Beef Cattle Nutrition
15-Practical sheep breeding
16-Rearing Entire Males
17-Recommended Grass and Clover Lists 2010
18-Review of Sheep Parasite Control Measures with Refrence to Climate Change
19-Sheep Health matters
20-Water management on farms and farmland
21-Wormer resistance “The need to change”

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