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Thread: Comprehensive Toxicology - Fourteen Volume Set

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    Thumbs up Comprehensive Toxicology - Fourteen Volume Set

    Comprehensive Toxicology - Fourteen-Volume Set
    by Charlene A. McQueen

    Pages: 6837
    Publisher: --
    Edition: 2010
    Language: English
    ISBN: 9780080468846


    An explosive increase in the knowledge of the effects of chemical and physical agents on biological systems has led to an increased understanding of normal cellular functions and the consequences of their perturbations. The 14-volume Second Edition of Comprehensive Toxicology has been revised and updated to reflect new advances in toxicology research, including content by some of the leading researchers in the field. It remains the premier resource for toxicologists in academia, medicine, and corporations.
    Comprehensive Toxicology Second Edition provides a unique organ-systems structure that allows the user to explore the toxic effects of various substances on each human system, aiding in providing diagnoses and proving essential in situations where the toxic substance is unknown but its effects on a system are obvious. Comprehensive Toxicology Second Edition is the most complete and valuable toxicology work available to researchers today.

    Key Features

    * Contents updated and revised to reflect developments in toxicology research
    * Organized with a unique organ-system approach
    * Features full color throughout
    * Available electronically on, as well as in a limited-edition print version
    This online reference work provides the breadth and depth of content is known for and also offers a great deal more when it comes to flexibility, accessibility, and most importantly, usability.
    24-hour access, multi-user access, remote access, and excellent search functionality allow users to find exactly what they need, exactly when they need it, making complicated, time-consuming research a thing of the past. The benefits include:
    * Fast and easy navigation

    * Browse the whole work by volume, authors, or article titles
    * Full and extensive subject index can be searched or browsed online and takes you directly to the indexed paragraph, section, figure, or table
    * Basic and advanced search functionality across the entire work or by specific volume
    * Users can build, save, and re-run searches, as well as combine saved searches
    * Extensive internal cross-referencing and dynamic linking to journal articles and abstract databases, increasing the scope of your research rapidly and effectively
    * All articles available as full-text HTML files or as PDF files that can be viewed, downloaded, or printed in their original format

    Table of contents:
    v. 1. General principles / volume editor, James Bond
    v. 2. Cellular and molecular toxicology / volume editor, Kenneth Ramos
    v. 3. Toxicology testing and evaluation / volume editor, James Lamb
    v. 4. Biotransformation / volume editor, F. Peter Guengerich
    v. 5. Immune system toxicology / volume editor, David Lawrence
    v. 6. Cardiovascular toxicology / volume editors, Mary Walker and Matthew Campen
    v. 7. Renal toxicology / volume editor, Rick Schnellmann
    v. 8. Respiratory toxicology / volume editor, Garold S. Yost
    v. 9. Hepatic toxicology / volume editors, Robert A. Roth and Patricia Ganey
    v. 10. Gastrointestinal toxicology / volume editor, Stephen Hooser
    v. 11. Reproductive and endocrine toxicology / volume editors, John Richburg and Patricia Hoyer
    v. 12. Developmental toxicology / Thomas Knudsen and George Daston
    v. 13. Nervous system and behavioral toxicology / Martin Philbert
    v. 14. Carcinogenesis / volume editor, Ruth Roberts.
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    Default Re: Comprehensive Toxicology - Fourteen Volume Set

    Comprehensive Toxicology - Fourteen-Volume Set
    2nd. Edition, 2010

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