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Thread: Insect Hydrocarbons: Biology, Biochemistry, and Chemical Ecology

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    Default Insect Hydrocarbons: Biology, Biochemistry, and Chemical Ecology

    Insect Hydrocarbons: Biology, Biochemistry, and Chemical Ecology
    by Gary Blomquist and Genevieve Bagneres

    Pages: 504 pages
    Publisher: Cambridge University Press
    Edition: March 15, 2010
    Language: English
    ISBN: 978-0521898145
    Format: PDF
    Size: 4Mb


    A unique and critical analysis of the wealth of research conducted on the biology, biochemistry and chemical ecology of the rapidly growing field of insect cuticular hydrocarbons. Authored by leading experts in their respective fields, the twenty chapters show the complexity that has been discovered in the nature and role of hydrocarbons in entomology. Covers, in great depth, aspects of chemistry (structures, qualitative and quantitative analysis), biochemistry (biosynthesis, molecular biology, genetics, evolution), physiology, taxonomy, and ecology. Clearly presents to the reader the array of data, ideas, insights and historical disagreements that have been accumulated during the past half century. An emphasis is placed on the role of insect hydrocarbons in chemical communication, especially among the social insects. Includes the first review on the chemical synthesis of insect hydrocarbons. The material presented is a major resource for current researchers and a source of ideas for new researchers.

    Just Enjoy!

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    Arrow Insect Hydrocarbons: Biology, Biochemistry, and Chemical Ecology


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