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Thread: [DVD] Discovery Channel The Ultimate Guide: BIRDS OF PREY

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    Thumbs up [DVD] Discovery Channel The Ultimate Guide: BIRDS OF PREY

    The Ultimate Guide: BIRDS of PREY
    by Discovery Channel


    Using vivid wildlife footage and animation, this documentary presents a compelling look at the
    lives and skills of wild birds that soar grandly through the air and swoop adeptly down to snatch their prey.
    Sharp-eyed raptors use binocular and even ultra-violet vision to stalk their victims. Owls home in on a kill
    even in complete darkness with highly-developed hearing, responsible for the signature shape of their
    faces. Vultures search for carcasses and have keen long-distance senses of smell and dynamic digestive
    systems. Innovative experiments used by naturalists and scientists are also on display in this installment of the much-loved Discovery series, The Ultimate Guide.

    Language: English
    Source: DivX avi - MP3
    Running Time: 52:05 min.
    Edition: 1999

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