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Thread: The Cure For All Diseases

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    Default The Cure For All Diseases

    Hulda Clark holds degrees in biology and biophysics and cell physiology (Ph.D.). She has done research in this area for twenty years and now does private consultations on a full time basis. Her books include The Cure for All Cancers and The Cure for HIV and Aids. The following material is excerpted from Hulda ClarkÔ?Ts new book: The Cure for All Diseases. For more complete information on each topic and treatment for individual diseases please refer to this book.

    All illness comes from two causes, pollution and parasites, no matter how long your list of symptoms, from chronic fatigue, to infertility, to mental problems. So the solution is simple: i) electronic treatment for parasites, and ii) avoidance of pollution.

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    Very important healtcare book
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