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Thread: Dolphins Porpoises And Whales: 2002-2010 Action Plan For The Conservation Of Cetacean

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    Default Dolphins Porpoises And Whales: 2002-2010 Action Plan For The Conservation Of Cetacean

    Dolphins Porpoises And Whales: 2002-2010 Action Plan For The Conservation Of Cetaceans

    By Randall R. Reeves

    • Publisher: World Conservation Union
    • Pages: 139
    • Edition: 2003-06-28
    • Language: English
    • ISBN-10 / ASIN: 2831706564
    • ISBN-13 / EAN: 9782831706566


    Since the 1960s, the global volunteer network called the Cetacean Specialist Group (CSG) has played a major role in identifying problems of cetacean conservation and brokering approaches to their solution. The first CSG action plan appeared in 1988 and consisted mainly of a list of recommended research projects related to assessment and conservation. The next plan, published in 1994, updated and supplemented the list of research needs. At least partly through the efforts of the CSG, most of the recommended projects have been initiated, if not fully implemented and
    completed.Many of themprobablywould never have gotten off the ground without the CSGís endorsement and, often, assistance in obtaining financial support. This is especially true for the projects carried out in the developing countries
    of Latin America, West Africa, East Asia, South Asia, and Southeast Asia.
    Some progress has been made, but as the present plan testifies, grave threats to the continued existence of many cetaceans still exist, and some threats are worsening. The
    baiji, vaquita, and North Atlantic right whale are near ex- tinction. It seems unlikely that the baiji will still be around when the next new action plan is formulated eight or ten
    years from now. Local populations of other species have disappeared or are seriously threatened. Cetacean diversity, like all biodiversity worldwide, is crumbling; we are losing
    it at a rapid and increasing rate. So we must redouble our efforts.
    This new plan departs from its predecessors in recommending a number of specific conservation actions, including some related directly to management. This reflects
    the increasing role that conservation biologists must take in the real world of interactions between society and wildlife. Social, economic, and political factors will determine what we have left in a few years, and we need to understand and
    address those factors. If we donít speak up, if we donít goout of our way to prod and assist the managers, there will be no hope for continued abundance and diversity of whales, dolphins, and porpoises.
    The CSG has done a lot. The challenge now is to do much more, and this new plan provides the needed guidance.
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    Default Re: Dolphins Porpoises And Whales: 2002-2010 Action Plan For The Conservation Of Cetacean

    Dolphins Porpoises And Whales: 2002-2010 Action Plan For The Conservation Of Cetaceans
    2003 - 2009

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