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Thread: Equine Sports Medicine and Surgery

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    Default Equine Sports Medicine and Surgery

    Equine Sports Medicine and Surgery
    by Kenneth Hinchcliff, Raymond Geor and Andris Kaneps.

    Pages: 1344 Pages
    Publisher: Saunders
    1st., 2004
    Language: English
    ISBN 10: 0-702026719
    ISBN 13: 978-0702026713
    Format: PDF
    Size: 108 MB


    This unique resource provides the most up-to-date, in-depth coverage of the basic and clinical sciences required for management of the equine athlete. The unique treatment of exercise physiology and training within a clinical context, together with a detailed review of all diseases affecting athletic horses, makes this the most comprehensive text available. Provides a thorough grounding in the basic physiology of each body system, and in particular the responses of each body system to exercise and training. The internationally renowned team of contributors has created the ultimate reference for veterinarians, students, horse-owners, and all those involved in the world of equine athletics


    Section 1: Integrative physiology and exercise testing
    Chapter 1 Integrative physiology of exercise and importance to disorders of the equine athlete
    Chapter 2 Exercise testing in the laboratory
    Chapter 3 Exercise testing in the field
    Chapter 4 Approach to diagnosis of poor performance

    Section 2: Musculoskeletal System
    Chapter 5 Muscle physiology: responses to exercise and training
    Chapter 6 Muscle disorders of equine athletes
    Chapter 7 Skeletal physiology: responses to exercise and training
    Chapter 8 Tendon physiology: responses to exercise and training
    Chapter 9 Joint physiology: responses to exercise and training
    Chapter 10 Imaging the musculoskeletal system
    Chapter 11 Arthroscopic examination and surgery
    Chapter 12 Kinematics of the athletic horse
    Chapter 13 Kinematics of Lameness
    Chapter 14 Diagnosis of Lameness
    Chapter 15 Distal limb: foot
    Chapter 16 Distal limb: fetlock and pastern
    Chapter 17 Metacarpus/metatarsus
    Chapter 18 The carpus
    Chapter 19 Tarsus and stifle
    Chapter 20 Soft tissue injuries: tendonitis and desmitis
    Chapter 21 Musculoskeletal section: back and pelvis
    Chapter 22 Prevention of orthopedic disease in athletic horses
    Chapter 23 Pharmacotherapy of Joint and Tendon Disease
    Chapter 24 Neurological causes of gait abnormalities in athletic horses
    Chapter 25 Physical Treatment

    Section 3: Respiratory System
    Chapter 26 Upper airway function of normal horses during exercise
    Chapter 27 Abnormalities of the upper airway.
    Chapter 28. Lower airway function of normal horses: response to exercise and training.
    Chapter 29 Non-infectious diseases of the lower respiratory tract including EIPH
    Chapter 30 Viral diseases of the respiratory tract of athletic horses
    Chapter 31 Bacterial Infections of the respiratory tract of athletic horses

    Section 4: Cardiovascular
    Chapter 32 Heart and vessels: function during exercise and response to training
    Chapter 33 Diseases of the heart & vessels

    Section 5: Metabolism and Nutrition
    Chapter 34 Metabolic responses to exercise and training
    Chapter 35 Endocrine responses to exercise and training
    Chapter 36 Nutritional management of the athletic horse
    Chapter 37 Metabolic diseases of athletic horses

    Section 6: Fluids and Electrolytes
    Chapter 38 Physiology of body fluids in the equine athlete
    Chapter 39 Acid:base physiology during exercise and in response to training
    Chapter 40 Abnormalities of body fluids and electrolytes in athletic horses
    Chapter 41 Heat strain and stress: diseases caused by inadequate thermoregulation

    Section 7: Hematology and Immunology
    Chapter 42 Hematalogic and serum biochemical responses to exercise and training
    Chapter 43 Hematalogic and biochemical abnormalities in athletic horses
    Chapter 44 Abnormalities of the erythron
    Chapter 45 Immunological responses to exercise and training

    Section 8: Gastrointestinal
    Chapter 46 Effects of exercise and training on hepatic and gastrointestinal function
    Chapter 47 Oral and dental disease
    Chapter 48 Gastrointestinal diseases of performance horses

    Section 9: Veterinary Management of the Performance Horse
    Chapter 49 Thoroughbred racehorses
    Chapter 50 Standardbred race horses
    Chapter 51 Three Day Event Horses
    Chapter 52 Endurance racehorses
    Chapter 53 Polo ponies
    Chapter 54 Western performance horses
    Chapter 55 Hunter/jumper horses
    Chapter 56 The older athletic horse
    Chapter 57 Vaccination programs
    Chapter 58 Parasite control for the athletic horse
    Chapter 59 Anaesthesia of the equine athlete
    Chapter 60 First aid
    Chapter 61 Reproductive management
    Chapter 62 Prepurchase examination of the athletic horse

    Section 10: Transportation
    Chapter 63 International movement of athletic horses – quarantine and regulatory controls
    Chapter 64 Transport of horses

    Section 11: Drug use in Performance Horses
    Chapter 65 Detection of drug use in performance horses
    Chapter 66 Drug effects on performance

    Appendix on normal serum and biochemical values

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    Default Re: Equine Sports Medicine and Surgery

    Equine Sports Medicine and Surgery

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