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Thread: Quarktet v2.7 With Crack ( Image Processing Program )

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    Thumbs up Quarktet v2.7 With Crack ( Image Processing Program )

    Quarktet Tria v2.7 With Crack
    8 Mb
    Tria Image Processing Program, enabling rapid blind deconvolution of just about any image. Tria contains a specialized set of image processing algorithms that enable fast and effective deconvolutions, as well as many standard image processing tools.
    The main attraction is the ability to use the patented SeDDaRA blind deconvolution technique, in a straight-forward and easy manner, to remove unidentified blur from digital images. The interface is easy-to-use, and designed for both professionals and amateurs. Also included are the Caron blind deconvolution process (an approximation of SeDDaRA), and a simple, fast and effective pseudo-inverse deconvolution process. Simply put, no other program offers these methods. (And those that come close, offer them for a quite a bit more money.)
    The program accepts both gray-scale and color images. Formats include bitmaps (8 and 24), jpegs, TIFFs (8,16,24,32,48,and 96-bit), FITS (8,16,and 32-bit, with FITS color), raw data files, and even delimited text files. In addition to the deconvolution tools, images can be resized, cropped, combined using image math, Fourier transformed, and displayed as complex images. Point spread functions can be cleaned and centered. We also have developed a unique image comparison window for visual inspection of the results. No programming skills are required.
    Version 2.0 provided a new automated image registration function that can align (translation and rotation) one image to another with sub-pixel accuracy. The image viewer has multiple ways to change the contrast, provides interpolated and non-interpolated zooms, region-of-interesting contrasting, easy line-out plots, easy cropping, optional grids, customizeable false color, and the option of changing the pixel scale. (We designed the image viewer to be the best way to view higher-bit (greater than 8 or 24) images.)
    Version 2.7 adds png, gif, and wmf formats and added two astro-image processing tools.
    N.B: You can download imagepack1 & 2 from there official site!

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