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Thread: Human Reproductive Biology, Third Edition

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    Default Human Reproductive Biology, Third Edition

    Human Reproductive Biology, Third Edition
    By Richard E. Jones (Author), Kristin H. López (Author)
    Hardcover: 624 pages
    Publisher: --; 3rd Edition (March 31, 2006)
    Language: English
    ISBN-10: 0120884658
    ISBN-13: 978-0120884650

    Editorial Reviews

    "This is a useful addition to the field of reproductive biology. Since the publication of the previous edition, numerous advances have been made in the
    study of human reproduction. The authors have updated and revised their book with the goal of providing the latest available findings. They have done a superb job of creating a readable, aesthetically appealing textbook that provides a comprehensive overview of human reproductive biology."
    - DOODY'S, 5 Stars!

    "Elegantly written, profusely illustrated, and comprehensively revised to keep pace with rapidly moving research frontiers, the new edition of Jones and Lopez's Human Reproductive Biology is the text of choice for any college-level course in human reproduction. New material has been skillfully integrated into what was already a successful book. New illustrations and well-designed boxes and side-panels enliven the text while updated references guide students into the primary literature. This new edition easily laps the competition."
    - Peter T. Ellison, Harvard University

    "This text i
    s a comprehensive treatment of a highly significant area of science that will be greatly appreciated by reproductive biologists and anyone else with an interest in human reproductive biology. The text provides an entree into virtually every aspect of human reproductive biology, from classical paradigms to contemporary ideas and approaches. The presentation is clear and the illustrations useful. This is an excellent effort by only two authors."
    - Paul M. Wassarman, Mount Sinai School of
    Medicine, New York

    "This is clearly the best text on Reproduction available. Jones and Lopez have carefully analyzed and integrated and years of classical work on reproductive biology and transformed it into a very readable book on human reproduction. Although I have been teaching a course on human reproduction for the last sixteen years, and I have reviewed 3 different texts on this subject, I learned something new the first time I perused the new edition of Jones and Lopez."
    - Cliff Jones, School of Medicine, University of South Dakota

    "This is the most comprehensive text on human reproduction I've read. It covers not only the basic biology of reproduction but also perspectives from evolution and across cultures, as well as practical information that will be useful to all readers, whether students, teachers, or researchers. It's certainly the best textbook for anthropology and evolution courses dealing with reproduction."
    - Wendy Trevathan, New Mexico State University

    Book Description
    Completely revised and updated for this third edition!

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