This text/reference book provides the most comprehensive coverage of anticholinesterase compounds (Organophosphates and Carbamates), which constitute the largest number of chemicals that are primarily used as insecticides in agriculture, industry, and around the home/garden. Some OPs (nerve agents) have been used in chemical warfare and terrorist attacks, while some OPs and CMs have been recommended as therapeutic agents in human medicine as well as in veterinary medicine. Many chemicals of both classes are extremely toxic and lack selectivity, thus their inadvertent/accidental use continues to pose a threat to human and animal health, aquatic systems and wildlife. These anticholinesterase agents produce a variety of toxicological effects in target and nontarget organs.


Uses, abuses and epidemiology

Pharmacokinetics and metabolism

Esterases, receptors, mechanisms and tolerance development

Organ toxicity

Nonespecific toxic effects

Risk assessment & regulations

Aquatic life & wildlife

Analytical & biomarkers

Therapeutic measures

Hope you like this book, i think personally that is a real good book of toxicology.