BSAVA Interactive Cases in Small Animal Medicine, CD-ROM

Clare Knottenbelt, BVSc, BSc, DSAM, MRCVS, University of Glasgow, UK
Severine Tasker, BSC, BVSc, DSAM, MRCVS, Univ of Bristol, UK
Edited by Ian Ramsey, BVSc, PhD, DSAM, DECVIM, MRCVS, Univ of Glasgow, UK

Review by Kathy Lyon
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Interactive Cases in Small Animal Medicine

This CD-ROM can be used with Windows 95/NT or later with a Pentium II processor, 32 MB RAM (>64 recommended), 800x600 pixel display, 16-bit color or higher, and a CD-ROM drive (8 speed recommended). An Apple MAC running 7.5 or later requires a 68040/50 or PowerPC processor, 16 MB RAM (>32 recommended), an 800x600 or larger display, and a CD-ROM (4-speed recommended).

Once you have met the above criteria, you will thoroughly enjoy this CD. Ten small animal cases are presented. After reviewing the presenting signs and history, multiple choices lead you on to the differential diagnoses, tests, and treatment. The author's choices are available. If you are wrong, a big red check appears on the screen. If you are correct, a green check mark appears and you are encouraged to proceed through four questions. Your score is revealed at the end.

I picked just one case to review. It opened with an excellent photo of the study animal and a presenting signs column. From there, I could select from History, Examination (6 choices), Differentials (3 choices), Tests (3 choices), and Reverse Differentials (3 choices). I could also choose Further Tests (3 choices) before selecting a Diagnosis. The total score is given at the end of the case. Besides the author's comments on the case, there is a discussion of the outcome. There are also discussion points and recommended further reading for the case. Each selection has a photo to illustrate the appropriate topic. The illustrations are exceptional (providing you have good color resolution on your monitor). The progression through the cases is easy, and you can go back and change your selections but it's more fun to go with your mistakes [not that I made any] and then review your choices.

This is an excellent educational tool that combines the challenge of a diagnostic test with the fun of a computer game.

Published by the British Small Animal Veterinary Association and distributed by Blackwell Publishing (2001). ISBN: 9780905214559.

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